Saturday, August 18, 2012

5V Metal Roof

We recently replaced a section of metal roofing in North Raleigh.  The recent rains this summer in the Triangle produced several leaks in an old 5V metal roof.  Due to the roof's age we determined the best approach was to replace it.

The original roof slope was comprised of a 7' and 4' section, transitioning into a lower 2/12 pitch slope.  Most of the leaks were in the transition. After removing the metal panels, we installed "ice and water shield" along the 30' horizontal transition.  Instead of replacing the metal panels the same way, we decided to use a 12' panel, folded at the transition, extending 12" into the lower panel,  providing seamless, water-tight protection for the client.

Here is a photo of the completed project.

For more information, call us at Allen and Deans.


Anonymous said...

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Raleigh Roof & Gutter Contractor said...

We have repaired/restored metal roofs with coatings in the past. However, it is critically important to make absolutely sure the roof qualifies for a coating application. The are instances where rust has literally "eaten" through the metal where patching and coating is no feasible.

Utah CareRoofing said...

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