Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here is a post about our recent solar power roof ventilator (fan) installation.

(Almost) Free Roof Ventilation

Over the last 36 months, we have received a number of requests for roof ventilation. But these requests are not inquiring about ridge vent or even electric (power) roof ventilators. Clients now are inquiring about solar powered roof ventilators.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to install a new Green Machine(tm)Solar Powered Vent by Master Flow for one of our clients.

We started by finding the center of the roof. We then removed the shingles and felt in the designated area. We took the plunge by cutting in the roof according to the unit's size as you can see below.

We then set the unit in place and proceeded to flash around the unit's base with new "ice and water shield" and new shingles. Upon completion, the installation looks like this.

So far clients have reported a noticeable reduction in their energy consumption costs as a result of the installation. Also, unlike an electric power ventilator, which will run for hours on end, using electricity in the process, this unit is passive.