Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bradford Creek Golf Course

We recently had the opportunity to work with The Parks and Recreation Department of The City of Greenville..  The clubhouse roof at Bradford Creek Golf Course was severely damaged as a result of Hurricane Irene, earlier this summer.

The project featured a CertainTeed LandMark 30 architectural shingle.

Here is a photo prior to the start of the project.

Here are some photos after the roof was installed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roof Deck (Sheathing) Overlays

Due to the tornado we experienced in Raleigh earlier this year, Allen and Deans has had the opportunity to repair or replace many older roofs. In several cases, the roofs on these homes were over 40 years old.

When inspecting and measuring these roofs I could not help but notice numerous "soft" spots, especially between the rafters. In some extreme instances, you could hear the plywood sheathing starting to crack from the weight of my step.

Upon further inspection we discovered the following:
1) The plywood sheathing was only 3/8" thick instead of 1/2"
2) The rafters were 24" OC instead of 16" OC
3) There was no roof-top ventilation only gable-end vents

It has been demonstrated due to excessive heat build-up in the attic, combined with thin plywood sheathing and 24" OC rafters and time, plywood begins to show signs of stress and fatigue.

We discussed options with our client. It was decided to install a 7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board) directly over the existing sheathing.

By directly nailing over the existing sheathing, there was no cost for labor to remove the original sheathing, nor was there any additional dump or landfill fees.

The roof structure is very secure and solid. It is now ready to accept new shingles in order to successfully complete the roof project.