Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gutter Installations

We recently had the opportunity to install gutters on 2 new houses in a new Garner subdivision. Interestingly, the houses were side-by-side. These types of situations don't occur very often so we are very appreciative when they do present themselves.

Both houses feature 5" seamless aluminum gutters and large, 3"x4" aluminum downspouts.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

During and After a Roof Project

Have you ever wondered just how we or any roof contractor manages debris during a tear-off? How can we prevent the old shingles from damaging delicate plants and shrubs below?

On this particular job, we used a 40'x60' tarp as a "shute". The new tarp was nailed at the eave of the roof, while the bottom was pulled forward, away from the plants, shrubs and the house itself. The shingles are literally "passed" down to a man standing at the eave who carefully slides the shingles and felt paper down the "shute".

Here is a photo of the completed roof with a clean, debris-free yard.