Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roof Leaks in Your Attic

The Good News here in the Triangle is we finally got our rain.
The Bad News is it has probably uncovered some roof leaks in our

This is an outstanding time to go into your attic and inspect the roof
sheathing for leaks. Take a flashlight with you so you can better see
into those dark nooks otherwise known as rafter bays.

Carefully scan the plywood or OSB sheathing with your flashlight. You
are looking for "dark" stains or even dripping water. The darker and
wetter the stain, the longer that area has been leaking. Check very
carefully around penetrations through the roof, such as, chimney, white
PVC vent pipes or bathroom or kitchen exhaust vents. Those are most
the likely areas to have problems.

Hopefully you do not find anything concerning in your roof. However,
if you do, you should contact a professional to evaluate the situation in
greater detail.